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Covers with a twist

The Touch play covers from almost all genres of music from the 50s to the present day - all presented in our own inimitable style.

Automotive Damage Collision - Amount Coverage

Collision coverage also provides financial compensation for vehicle damage or repair resulting from hitting another object, such as another person or a wall. In collision coverage, you get a claim that covers the cost of repairing the car that has been damaged in a collision. This is more flexible than theft or vandalism insurance, which protects the value of your car, not the car itself.

Collision coverage pays for interior and exterior damage, along with loss of wages, medical bills, rent, mortgage, car insurance, financing, repairs, and other expenses associated with the incident, and in most cases, it requires full payment for the damage done by the auto. Even if the insured ends up owning the vehicle, the coverage is typically tied to physical damage and therefore may still pay for the actual repairs. Collision insurance doesn't have to be expensive.

Collision and comprehensive coverage will usually replace all of your car's damaged parts, including its stereo system, trunk carpets, seats, upholstery, tires, and other parts of your car that are damaged. Keep in mind that collision coverage will not pay for the theft of your car or its parts. If you're in an accident and your car is stolen, collision coverage will not pay for damages to your car's value. However, comprehensive coverage will.

Collision damage to your car should not be associated with a personal injury (personal injury is liability). Will there be a federal or state investigation if you're in an accident? Most states have their own specific laws regarding claims under which a crash occurs. Generally, in most states if your car is totaled, you don't need to file a lawsuit against the other driver.

Collision damage waiver ¿ This waiver authorizes you to exclude your auto insurance payment from the coverage limit of your car insurance policy in the event that the police agency deems the incident a covered collision. Police agency determines the incident a covered collision ¿ The police agency declares an auto collision a covered collision if it deems the incident a covered collision using one of the seven aforementioned reasons. The police agency might use the following 7 reasons:

Collision coverage is expensive, and you need to remember this. Call to make sure you are properly covered. Before you purchase a car, figure out if you need to have it inspected. Obtain a written estimate for any major parts of the vehicle before you buy it. If you have the down payment for a specific car but you're not sure whether the repairs will be done right, get a second opinion before you buy it.

Liability coverage pays if you caused the collision yourself. Liability coverage pays the person (you or your loved ones) that causes the auto accident you just were involved in. This is pretty simple, right? I still have two clients that haven't pulled their policies, but I'm a believer that every driver should have liability and collision coverage on their policy. We've all been involved in a collision. Or at least most of us have. I've had several at various times of my life.

Auto Insurance Quotes for Extended Warranty in Corvallis, OR

Extended warranty insurance can offer any traveler peace of mind because they know that their bundled policy not only protects them, other drivers, and their vehicle.

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Duplicate coverage is where drivers mistakenly waste money, so you’ll want to make sure to take a close look at your extended coverage and whatever auto club coverage you might have bought in the past as well. If you do choose to buy extended warranty insurance, shop around and see what kind of car insurance quotes offer this extra coverage. In many cases, extra insurance like this can mean the difference between getting back on the road right away or drowning in a sea of towing and repair bills.

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The Touch would like to thank .....

  • The River Studios, Totton, Southampton - for hosting our early rehearsals and finishing off the cake
  • Factory Rd Studios, Eastleigh - what a clean sound you can get here.
  • Music4Fun, Salisbury - for help and advice on speakers and mixers and having us perform at three of their Open Mic Nights
  • Alan Harvey and his Mobile Studio for the live recordings. Alan can offer his recording services to your band. Email Alan here, or phone 01256 331959
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